Whispered In The Wind

Whispered In The Wind
Just a fairy blowing in the wind, singing tales to the west wind

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Moon Shell

Stepping stone year
buttoned down hatches
cleaned windows and heart scrubbing
not brilliant
but flicker fire, gentle ember
tired, tired, bone tired nights

future planning and head picking
digging up dead roots, trying to appreciate
worn edges and scuffed shoes
"Solitude, says the Moonshell."

And I'm learning rose pucker and blaze dreams
will never leave my cheeks
but my dry baby hands
work better with raw dirt and a shovel
my heart better with time against a pillow and spring breaths

strength has strong kin with silence
loudest voices rarely say the most

 gathering inner solitude
and facing loneliness to call its bluff

And I've spent much of this year in shells
drawing maps for my next oceans
and I thought I'd store some regrets in clench canisters
but I've run out of  room

 I've turned my voice down to the outside
to hear my ocean roar inside

 simply grateful
for this flawed, fragile, stepping stone year
with its crooked path into the next
ocean tears and sunset, sunrises

And as this new year places its porcelain feet across my crooked track
I find I'm ready to sort what I've found inside
and maybe even a little of what lies ahead

Thank the good Lord that roads are made to curve
Because Lord knows I don't walk straight

Sunrise this morning 12/31/2013

"Solitude says the Moon Shell"-Gift From The Sea by Anne Lindbergh

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ocean Children

Dear cityscape children,
note that I will never be as bright or as blaze as you
I know ocean better than I know concrete
sand better than I know gravel
Does it surprise you?
Does it surprise you that the fog here is natural
an extra cloud, a wet blanket
What surprises you bright lights?
I'm much quieter, you see
Do you see me?
Yes, right
Between all the stardust in your eyes
I guess your music is just a little louder than mine
But I'm not afraid
of your jagged edges and neon ways
heart beat tunes and metal trees
just right now
I find my fingertips do better with sand
and my ears hear better with waves

                        Bolinas Beach 

"I want warm summer nights, to lie in a hammock, staring at the stars, telling you stories. "

"I want warm summer nights, to lie in a hammock, staring at the stars, telling you stories. "
"When asked not to make waves, I just smiled and said, don't worry this is just a ripple"